Jan Crawford
"I have a principle for proceeding. It is the secret of this way of working. It is to touch love in the soul."
Bert Hellinger
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Jan Crawford
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Essential Psychotherapy is an exciting evolution in psychology and spirituality that focuses on the healing possibilities in the multiple levels of your self. 

Everything from the subtlest physical gesture, the emotional nuance of a word or the echo through time of a lost or excluded voice in your family system - all become like the beams of light from a lighthouse. When you are lost in the fog these and so many other new possibilities of recovery lead you out of and through every imaginable symptom. The new capacity to experience the solidity of your self and the greater ease of the movement of the life force within you is freed.
Being in rhythm with these more natural movements allows you to navigate your life with new strength and clarity, independent but no longer alone.  My role in this resolution is somewhat like being the captain of a sailboat. The captain does not create the winds or tides; she simply helps turn the sails in new directions so that you can move with the current rather than against it.
Even though EP works with every form and intensity of trauma, there is often deep pleasure - even joy - experienced in sessions or groups as we move together into core truths and resolutions.
This work represents the integration of over thirty years of experience with the essential elements necessary for true permanent shifts: your mind, body and lineage. It draws particularly on the work of traumatologist Dr. Peter Levine (see About Us) and applied philosophers A. H. Almaas and Bert Hellinger (see About Us). Additionally, master Hellinger facilitator, writer and teacher, Suzi Tucker, has made major contributions to the development of EP.
Available formats include: Individual sessions (see an example under Individual Sessions) couple sessions, clinical supervision and Legacy Circles (see Current Workshops). Finally, the Triadic Therapy format (described in Triadic Therapy and A Recent Triadic Session) represents the creation of a new systemic form of trauma resolution.
If you would like more information, please e-mail Jan Crawford at jcrawford4000@gmail.com.